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Safeguarding Your Child’s Health With Sanitizing, Air Purification, And More

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Temperature Checks And Health Screenings Track Wellness

Tracking symptoms with temperature checks and health screenings ensure all who enter the facility are well and decreases the risk of exposure, keeping your child safe.

Carrying Cleaning Supplies

An On-Site Cleaning Staff Sanitizes Daily

A professional cleaning staff sanitizes and deep-cleans your child’s tools, toys, and spaces daily for a germ-free environment where their learning and play take place.

Product Design

Air Purifiers In Every Room For Easy Breathing

Air purifiers filter your child’s breathing air in every room, minimizing their potential exposure to allergens and pollutants and keeping them healthy and happy.

Hand Hygiene

Increased Hand-Washing Throughout The Day

Frequent hand-washing throughout the day puts a stop to surface germs, and multiple hand sanitizer machines make it easy and convenient to keep hands clean.

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