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Our Philosophy

Curious Explorers Child Development Center strongly believes that ALL children are diverse and unique individuals who each have their own strengths, thus are naturally curious. Children need to be provided with an organized, child-centered learning environment that emphasizes mutual respect, fun, discovery, literacy, and most of all-addresses their own sensory needs. With the supportive and nurturing environment of our Child Care Center, we are continuously providing all conditions for all the children to construct knowledge while focusing on the learning process, rather than the end product.


Our Goals

Curious Explorers CDC continues to offer Early Childhood Care services in a way that is specifically designed and tailored by the owner's knowledge in Early Childhood Education, according to the family's priorities, beliefs, and most importantly, the needs of the child.

We also strive to develop a nurturing relationship with each child and with their family. We provide optimal play-based learning opportunities for all children enrolled in the program. Most of all, Curious Explorers CDC provides outmost support and help for families as they seek out resources to meet their child's needs.

Image by Tanaphong Toochinda
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